Mernaya Tradition


spontaneous drinking

This is a review of Mernaya Tradition vodka from Ukraine. I sampled it in Russia in 2010. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought it was pretty good.

Here we have Mernaya Tradition vodka from Ukraine. In Russian it’s called Мерная Традиция, while in Ukrainian it’s written as МѢрная Традиция.

I hadn’t been planning on drinking that day, but then I stumbled upon this group of drunk people at the seaside near Vladivostok. I said hi and they said hi, I smiled and they smiled, and then I had a cup in my hand and the cup was filled with Mernaya Tradition vodka. So there I was, sampling some new vodka.

Of course I got drunk.


It’s been a while that I’ve last checked on this review, and so I decided to try to find some additional information online. As it turns out the company that makes Mernaya Tradition has a website. And they seem to have been updating their bottle designs:

Mernaya Tradition vodka site

from on September 24th 2021

Silver filtration, hm. I’m not sure how this qualifies as “Tradition” though. What’s traditional about Mernaya Tradition after all? Anyway I think the new bottle design looks much better than the one they used to have before

Mernaya Tradition vodka got me drunk

There’s a problem with this review: as I’ve told you before, I got a bit tipsy that day. And so I think whatever I come up with here is probably not going to do Mernaya Tradition vodka much justice. I simply had too much fun that day. What I can do is tell you what I can gather now, and what I remember from that clear-blue Russian evening.

Luckily I still have the picture of the bottle. The design was okay at best, and I think it’s definitely good that they changed it. The price of around 12€/700ml seemed pretty affordable, though.

good with bread

The vodka itself was rather smooth. I had a bit of bread along with it, and it went down rather easily. I can’t tell you much about the aftertaste, though. Nothing exciting, that’s for sure. The good thing: it didn’t give me a hangover.

Overall, Mernaya Tradition vodka is pretty solid, and it probably works out well in mixed drinks.