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Alpha Noble vodka

the pro

This is a review of Alpha Noble vodka from France. I sampled it in Germany in 2011. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought it was good but not ultra premium.

Last night I was going to have some vodka with a pro. I chose to bring a bottle of Alpha Noble vodka. This is a French brand from the mid-top shelf range, and it’s not exactly cheap. Only the good stuff for the pro, or so I thought…

who owns Alpha Noble vodka?

It’s 2021 now, and I am so confused: why does this self-styled ULTRA PREMIUM brand not have its own dedicated website? I looked for it everywhere, and all I could come up with was the website of a German import company called Borco. They import pretty much the complete Roust portfolio:

Borco vodka portfolio
from on October 9th 2021

I am not sure if they own Alpha Noble vodka or if they simply import it. Anyway, here is their

Alpha Noble vodka page
from on October 9th 2021

NO DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE. There weren’t any press releases, either.

There was an introductory text, but it was long and didn’t feel very original:

Alpha Noble vodka introduction
from on October 9th 2021

Words like HIGHEST QUALITY, SIX-FOLD DISTILLATION, and STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY seem like basic talking points. And not just for premium vodka brands.

I would have expected more from a brand that positions itself in the mid-top shelf range.


“Well, what do you think?” the pro asked me after the first shot.

I didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I mumbled something along the lines of: “7 out of 10, goes down easily, but lacks individuality, might be good in a mixed drink.”

The pro only said one word: “sour.”

So we were going to give it a 6 out of 10 or something.

no hangover

As the evening went on we went further into the vodka. Soon I was listening to myself telling stories about tears in Turpan and swindlers in Detmold. I was beginning to feel embarrassed, and when I realized that I had had way too much to drink, I stumbled home.

Then, much to my surprise, on the next morning, I received an email from the pro: “the vodka was pretty good,” he said, “there was no hangover.”

no ultra premium

All in all, the taste of Alpha Noble vodka still seemed a bit sour. The aftertaste was good but not great. There was a hint of sweetness in the aroma.

I liked the lower part of the bottle design but not so much the cap. And the price of about 18€ for 700ml seemed tolerable.

This is a good vodka. It’s nothing fancy, though. I suggest using it in a mixed drink.