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This is a review of Danzka vodka from Denmark. I sampled it in Germany in 2011. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought it was very reliable.

My doctor likes to talk about things. Sometimes it’s Russia. Or German politics. Or gossip.

And this one time, it was actually vodka. “Danzka“, he said to me: “I like Danzka. You have to try it!”

owned by Germans

Ten years have passed, and I’m a bit confused by the website danzka.com – it looks like it belongs to an interior design company:

Danzka vodka website
from danzka.com on October 8th 2021

Actually, this seems to be the main angle that the brand image of Danzka vodka hinges on: design. Check out the brand introduction, for example:

Danzka vodka page
from danzka.com on October 8th 2021

It’s interesting how less than half of the text is about the vodka itself. The rest is about the design of the bottle.

One more thing I learned: Danzka is actually owned by a German company called Behn Getränke.

recommended by my doctor

Remembering my doctor’s words, I picked up a bottle of Danzka vodka on my way home. When I held it in my hand for the first time, it reminded me of one of those Swiss Sigg bottles. I liked it. And the price of around 13€ for 700ml was surprisingly affordable.

Danzka vodka is sweet

So anyway, here’s my review: Danzka vodka is full of surprises. It burns a bit on the tongue and not so much in the throat. I wouldn’t say it’s smooth enough to be considered an excellent vodka. The fun part is when you reach the aftertaste – it’s actually sweet! I enjoyed that a lot.

So apparently my doctor has pretty good taste in vodka.

I think if you’re going to try one of the big Nordic vodka brand names, Danzka vodka is one of the better ones.


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