Kedrovitsa vodka

leaving some questions unanswered

This is a review of Kedrovitsa vodka from Russia. I sampled it in Germany in 2011. It’s a clear infusion, 40% alcohol, and I thought it tasted a bit sour.

Kedrovitsa vodka (Кедровица) is from Siberia, and it’s supposed to be flavored with extracts from the Siberian cedar nut. So far so good.

nut filtration

Kedrovitsa vodka, just like Five Lakes vodka, is owned by Alcohol Siberian Group. On their website, they have a short introduction of Kedrovitsa vodka:

Kedrovitsa vodka product page

See how it says INFUSION OF CEDAR NUTS and FILTRATION THROUGH CEDAR COAL? This is all good and well, but on the next page they talk about Kedrovitsa vodka going through a different filtration:

Kedrovitsa vodka distinctive feature page

FILTRATION THROUGH CEDAR NUTS SHELLS. I understand filtration through coal or even filtration through milk. But I’d like to know how this filtration through nut shells works.

what does a cedar nut taste like?

The thing is, I didn’t even notice the thing about the cedar nut infusion until I had finished most of the bottle. That’s when I looked at the label and started wondering why I hadn’t noticed anything weird about the taste before.

Were my taste buds not sensitive enough? Or was I just not paying any attention? But did I even know what a cedar nut was supposed to taste like? I had never consciously tried a cedar nut before. So I took another shot, trying to find out what it was that I had been missing. But I failed.

Kedrovitsa vodka seems a bit sour

Let’s try to talk about Kedrovitsa vodka, infused or not. The vodka itself wasn’t that bad. It felt cool and smooth. There was a hint of a sour aroma in the aftertaste, though – maybe that was the cedar nut?

The bottle design was okay, I liked the shape but not so much the label design. The price was around 13€/700ml, so that was good.

Can someone please try this and tell me if you they can taste the cedar nut flavor? Thanks!