Klosowka vodka

no flavor

This is a review of Kłosówka vodka from Poland. I sampled it in Germany in 2011. It’s a clear infusion, 40% alcohol, and I was expecting it to taste a bit more like wheat.

I wanted to try Kłosówka vodka (or Klosowka) mainly because it had a wheat ear in the bottle. You can hardly see it in the picture, but it’s there. This is a thing some brands do in order to draw attention to their flavor. Like Grasovka and Żubrówka do with their bison grass leaves.

Polish or German?

One thing I noticed about this vodka was that I somehow ended up with a German import version. All the writing on the label was in German. It felt weird. If vodka is so much about brand image, then why would they give you an “import version” that makes you feel like you are drinking something generic?

I think leaving at least part of Kłosówka vodka’s label in Polish would have made it feel more original.


Kłosówka vodka belongs to a Polish company called Bartex. Their website landing page is a video of a dancing woman:

Bartex company website
from bartex.com.pl on October 9th 2021

It took me a bit of navigating through the site, but I eventually managed to find the product page for Kłosówka vodka. They call it VODKA KLOSOWKA WITH SPIKES:

Kłosówka vodka page
from bartex.com.pl on October 9th 2021

Spikes, eh? An excuse as good as any to pop in some of The Exploited. Sadly, the page didn’t offer much information about the vodka:

Kłosówka vodka page
from bartex.com.pl on October 9th 2021

Distilled four times. FRAGRANCE OF RIPE CEREAL. That’s about it.

Kłosówka vodka doesn’t taste like wheat

Off to the kitchen table, then!

I didn’t smell any particular fragrance. Kłosówka vodka smelled like ordinary vodka. And it tasted like ordinary vodka as well. I’d say it had a medium level of smoothness. I found myself looking for some sort of wheat aroma, but I was disappointed. I couldn’t find it, not even in the aftertaste. So in hindsight I wonder if this even qualifies as an infusion.

The bottle design seemed alright albeit a bit boring. Besides, I held a grudge against the whole “import” thing. The price of around 19€ for 700ml was okay, though.

I hope to try original Kłosówka vodka in Poland one day. Hope it’s better than this.