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This is a review of Partisan vodka from Belarus. I sampled it in Germany in 2012. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought it was a bit harsh at first but nice in the end.

Partisan vodka. What a name. Apparently, this one is manufactured in Belarus, but the brand seems to be from Germany. I’m still not sure about the specifics.

making fun of Russian politics

Over at, there’s a neat little website with a strong hipster feel to it:

Partisan vodka website
from on October 11th 2021

It’s in a sort of mock Soviet style, and it seems to have been designed for very small screens. But it’s an interesting site.

The company doesn’t just do vodka. They also sell retro vodka glasses with caps called CTO GRAM (100 grams), the kind that was widely used in the Soviet Union:

Partisan Cto Gram glass
from on October 11th 2021

And for some reason they also sell a bicycle:

Partisan vodka bicycle
from on October 11th 2021

And a table:

Partisan vodka table
from on October 11th 2021

They are currently running a marketing campaign that combines LGBTQ-friendliness with Putin-bashing with a potshot at Russian Standard vodka:

Partisan vodka ad
from on October 11th 2021

It’s all very fascinating.


Okay, so let’s get to our actual review.

Partisan vodka seems to have its name for a reason. It’s no kiss on the cheek, or rather: it goes down scratching like a cat on fire. But strangely, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad vodka. There’s a certain pleasant aftertaste to it. It’s a a gentle aroma that vaguely reminded me of honey.

I liked the bottle design – it basically just looks like someone said the word “bottle” and then went ahead and made one. Also, the price of 11€ for 700ml is very competitive.

how to drink Partisan vodka

I recommend you try Partisan vodka this way: sit down at your kitchen table (which you did or didn’t buy from Partisan). Pop in a playlist of Soviet nostalgia songs, preferably “A Partisan’s Song” performed by the Red Army Choir. Prepare some pickles and some dark bread. Pour 100 grams of Partisan vodka.

Then go ahead and knock it back. Neat and at room temperature.


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