Russian Garant Horseradish


Russian Garant Horseradish vodka

a stupid idea

This is a review of Russian Garant Horseradish vodka from Russia. I sampled it in Germany in 2013. It’s a yellowish infusion, 40% alcohol, and I hated it.

This vodka brand is called Russian Garant Horseradish vodka (Русский Гарантъ). It’s from Russia, and it has been infused with, well… horseradish.

Does the thought of mixing horseradish with vodka sound horrible to you? It didn’t to me. Before trying this I thought: don’t I usually have bread and pickles and all sorts of things with my vodka – so why would I not want to try drinking vodka that has been infused with something like horseradish?

I was terribly wrong.

is this even Russian?

Let’s take a look at the brand Russian Garant, though. The labels were branded in German (vodka spelled with a “w”, etc.), but that didn’t mean much. I tried searching for Russian Garant online with its English and its Russian spelling. There was a brand called Русский Гарантъ Качества – but that seemed to be a different thing.

In the end, the only definite thing I could come up with was a Twitter account:

Russian Garant Twitter account

It had only tweeted once – in 2012.

the horror

I don’t know what has happened to Russian Garant in the meantime, but maybe it’s for the better.

Because this horseradish-infused vodka was horrible. And this wasn’t just my opinion. All my friends around the table agreed that this was the least drinkable vodka we had ever tried. It wasn’t so much the vodka itself – the alcohol taste seemed to be okay. But that terrible, terrible horseradish flavor made it intolerable.

Russian Garant Horseradish vodka is bad

So all in all I can’t tell you much about this vodka. The flavoring was such an insult to the senses, it was basically undrinkable. The aftertaste was horrible, too. Only if you have a fetish for horseradish will you be able to deal with this drink. And even then I’m not sure.

The bottle design was okay. The price was around 15€ for 700ml, so that was alright..

I’m not sure what to say about this one. Beware?