Shohona Platinum


a vodka to look at

[38%, sampled in Tajikistan]

I drank this one on a nice day in Khujand, and I was in good company.

The bottle looked better than that of Tajikistan. A lot better, actually. Was it worthy of the label Platinum? I wasn’t so sure. On one hand, it did have the nice ground glass look that we know from top shelf brands like Belvedere or the Goose. On the other hand, the white labels made it seem a bit cheap.

that awesome gurgling sound

There’s one very good thing about this bottle, though, and it’s a general observation that I have only mentioned one or two times here before: the gurgling sound.

You know how when you pour liquid from bottles, some of them make a nice, full, satisfying sound, something like ghergherghergherghergher? I fucking love that sound. It seems as though bottles with thin, long necks tend to be able to make it, and so does this one.

Oh, and of course the price was awesome. This 700ml bottle of Shohona Platinum cost me the equivalent of around 6€. A solid ten.

sweet smells

Let’s start with an olfactory observation: Shohona Platinum doesn’t have much of a smell. This is generally a good sign, because a strong smell can indicate impurities, which is undesirable. In this case the smell, as faint as it is, has a bit of sweetness to it.

The taste is pretty decent. Shohona Platinum isn’t exactly smooth, but it goes down without much trouble, and the same sweetness that’s in its smell is also in its taste.

Shohona Platinum and the cold lump

The aftertaste was odd, though. I’d use the word lumpy to describe it. You drink it, and then it just sits there, like a brick, blocking your throat. And it doesn’t make you feel warm, either. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not good, either.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this vodka. Try Tajikistan instead!


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