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the sweetness

This is a review of Stumbras Pure vodka from Lithuania. I sampled it in Germany in 2015. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, owned by MV Group, and I thought it had a great aftertaste.

I got this bottle of Lithuanian Stumbras Pure vodka in a supermarket in Poland where I got myself equipped with a lot of vodka. Looking back I must have been quite a sight with my shopping cart full of booze.

so many sites

Looking up Stumbras Pure vodka online was difficult in an odd way. There were too many sites. First I found an offical Stumbras site. It had the usual company lore along with the possibility of a visit to the distillery. There was also a product page for Stumbras Pure vodka, but it didn’t offer very much information.

Then I found the website of MV Group, the company that made Stumbras vodka. It looked very corporate.

From there, I somehow ended up on the official Stumbras vodka site. This was different from the Stumbras site for some reason. It looked more slick. There seemed to be a stronger focus on design than on information.

All in all I had learned that Stumbras Pure vodka was made from grain and had been filtered 6 times. I also learned that the bottle had been redesigned in the meantime.

boasting labels

Anyway back to our review of Stumbras Pure vodka. There was a label on the front that said EVERY PERFECTLY PURE DROP. And there was another one on the back that said DEVOTED TO NATURE.

I didn’t think there was much reason to think that this meant that Stumbras Pure vodka was organic or that the production process was particularly eco-friendly. Stumbras had an organic vodka for that, and this wasn’t it.

Stumbras Pure vodka tastes a bit sweet

Let’s get to the taste, though. I liked it. Stumbras Pure vodka wasn’t exactly very smooth at first, but there was a sweet note to it that I enjoyed a lot. And this was where it got nice: the vodka somehow managed to carry that initial sweetness into a pleasant and lasting aftertaste. Great stuff.

The price was good: I purchased this half liter bottle for 7,50€, making it a 11,25€/750ml. I thought the bottle design was just okay, but I decided to add a point because it had a built-in dispenser.

Overall Stumbras Pure vodka is a quality vodka with a sweet note. I think it’s pretty much perfect to mix with things that are bitter (like tonic water), because then it can show its aroma.


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