dry blocks

[40%, sampled in Uzbekistan]

Wow, this is from such a long time ago… Remember when I was hanging out in the Uzbek town of Navoiy? I bought two bottles of vodka there, tried them, and took my notes, but then I never got around to type them up.

This one is called Tanho (танхо), and it’s apparently from Tashkent.

Uzbek prices

Let’s talk about something complicated first. Uzbek vodka prices can be a bit difficult to assess, because the inflation is just crazy. When I first came to the country, the black market rate was about 4.500 Som to one USD. When I left several months later, it had climbed to almost 8.000 Som.

I purchased this bottle of Tanho for 22.000 Som. So either way the price is somewhere between 3 and 5€ for 700ml. Can’t get much cheaper than that, eh? Well, wait for the next brand…

glass blocks suck

The bottle design is okay at best. I don’t like the glass block design that we’ve seen in Three Sixty, Vox, or Ozon before. And the golden-brown applications make this one look cheap. On the other hand, the bottle has a dispenser, so it’s not all bad.

Tanho dehydrates you

Now about the taste. Tanho doesn’t have much of a smell, which is a good sign. The taste is a bit sweet at first, but then it turns out to be pretty fiery. This is definitely not a vodka that just slips down your throat. No, Tanho puts up a bit of a fight.

There is an aftertaste, but it’s a bit dryish. It’s as if the aroma vanishes and your mouth feels dehydrated, like you need to drink water, or better yet, some fruit juice. Not sure what to make of this. Might go well in a mixed drink.

Not sure if I can recommend this one.