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This is a review of Vikingfjord vodka from Norway. I sampled it in Germany in 2011. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I think it represents the North pretty well.

Yay, the other day I had the chance to try another vodka from the North! This time it was Vikingfjord vodka from Norway! And what a name it had – could it have been any more Nordic at all? Maybe if someone managed to sneak the words Odin or Thor in there.

When I set eyes upon this one at first first, I thought there was something cool about the bottle. And with cool, I actually mean “cold”, like a chip from an iceberg. Or maybe that’s just my own over-interpretation of the name: Vikingfjord vodka. From Norway.

a viking needs no website?

I tried looking up Vikingfjord vodka on, but sadly, this led to the official website of Arcus, a Norwegian beverage alcohol company that owns a few brands:

Arcus company site
from on September 29th 2021

What, some cocktail recipes and a bunch of shrimps? There didn’t seem to be a dedicated site for Vikingfjord vodka, so I dug around a little and found this subpage:

Vikingfjord vodka site
from on September 29th 2021

I gotta say I was a bit disappointed to see this. It seemed like they had given up on their brand. Also, it looks like they did a redesign of the Vikingfjord vodka bottle – and actually made it worse.

Vikingfjord vodka is smooth

I liked the old bottle that I got in 2011 much better. The price of about 17€ for 700ml wasn’t so bad, either.

Now about the taste: I was almost expecting Vikingfjord vodka to taste cold, but it didn’t. It tasted smooth. Actually, it seemed almost a bit too smooth for a product whose name included the word VIKING. The aftertaste was okay. I thought it could have been a bit more aromatic.

Much like Absolut vodka, I think Vikingfjord vodka is mainly good for mixed drinks.


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