Fürst Uranov


Fürst Uranov vodka

the worst

This is a review of Fürst Uranov vodka from Germany. I sampled it in Germany in 2010. It’s clear, 37.5% alcohol, and I thought it tasted like a roundhouse kick to the face.

So here it is, der Fürst… that’s what they call it here. Fürst Uranov vodka has a reputation for being one of the cheapest (and worst) brands in German grocery stores. I got my bottle of 700ml for around 7€. It was at the bottom of the bottom shelf.

I actually got a few weird looks from my friends when they saw me with this stuff. Why would I even waste my time with something that even teenagers would only mix with energy drinks?

try everything

Good point. But I think a review blog should not only be about awesome things. Sometimes you just have to try out something that has a bad reputation. You might be in for a surprise.

an online phantom

I did a bit of digging online, and there doesn’t seem to be anything official about Fürst Uranov vodka: no website, no accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Nothing. I found one topic on a German forum where someone wanted to know if Fürs Uranov vodka gave people headaches. One of the top answers was pretty revealing:

GuteFrage.de about Fürst Uranov vodka
from www.gutefrage.net/d/frage/fuest-uranov-vodka-gut on September 27th 2021

Uranov is the only cheap vodka that tastes like shit even in a mixed drink. If you insist on saving money then buy a Jelzin, it will cost you one Euro more but it tastes 1000 times better than Uranov and you won’t get such bad headaches from it. I would prefer getting a 10€ Smirnoff – it’s affordable and tastes pretty okay.

Yeah, it sounds pretty bad.

Fürst Uranov vodka kicks ass, but in a bad way

Turns out everyone was right. The bottle design, which was loud and ugly, hinted at bad things to come. And when I finally gave Fürst Uranov vodka a try for this review, it tasted like rubber alcohol or a disinfecting agent of some sort. The aftertaste wasn’t any better – it was truly disgusting.

My advice: even if you are low on cash, don’t buy this!