Nordisch Vodka


is this brand still around?

This is a review of Nordisch vodka from Germany. I sampled it in Germany in 2017. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, owned by Nordisch Spirituosen, and I thought it was alright.

Easter Sunday. Not much longer to go. I’ll be back in Uzbekistan in four days. Maybe five. Not more.

I have this bottle of vodka here. I got it a while ago in Hamburg, which is also where it’s from. It’s called Nordisch vodka, which means something like “Nordic vodka”. Just like Bazic (which is also from Hamburg) it prides itself on its regional identity.

dead sites

The first thing I found was an article from 2014 on About Drinks. It was talking about how the owner of Nordisch vodka had set up the brand based on a recipe from his grandfather.

The next thing I found was the official website of Nordisch vodka. It was down. The website of the parent company Nordisch Spirituosen was down as well.

There was a Facebook page, but it hadn’t been updated since 2018.

[online search from April 14th 2022]

Maybe the business was discontinued?

Nordisch vodka tastes smoother than expected

So about that vodka. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It seemed a bit strong, and I was wondering if Nordisch vodka might burn on its way down. But then it didn’t.

Nordisch vodka has a mild taste, and it goes down easily. Overall it’s a lot smoother than I expected. The aftertaste isn’t as good, though: there was a bit of an aroma, a faint hint of sweetness, but there wasn’t that much of it. It wasn’t anything special.

original recipes

Nordisch vodka costs about 22€ for 700ml, which makes it more expensive than many other brands, but still tolerable.

The bottle design is okay. It shows the Hamburg skyline, and it says: ORIGINAL RECIPE FROM HAMBURG. Well, a lot of vodka brands claim to have some sort of “original recipe”. What I don’t like about the bottle is that it feels a bit clunky.

Overall, this Nordisch vodka is alright. Or maybe it was alright.