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Imperial Collection vodka

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This is a review of Imperial Collection vodka from Russia. I sampled it in Russia in 2010. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought the name was a bit misleading.

Look at this name: Imperial Collection vodka – Императорская Коллекция. It’s an open secret that vodka marketing is about brand identity more than anything else. And yet Imperial Collection seems like a pretty big name for a liquor. I guess if you drink too much of this it will make your head spin – but in a royal way!

Imperial Collection vodka also comes in Fabergé eggs

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how “imperial” this vodka really is. Well, I did some searching online, and the domain points to an American company called Prowood. They seem to own (or exclusively import) Imperial Collection vodka, and they even sell it in deluxe editions that come in Fabergé Eggs:

Prowood Imperial vodka site
from on September 25th 2021

Apparently the Fabergé Egg edition will set you back about 1500 USD.

I got the cheap edition

The bottle I got was only around 17€ for 700ml, so it was an okay price. Lucky me, I guess. But then again I didn’t get to enjoy that golden luxury feel of a Fabergé Egg. I thought my bottle of Imperial Collection vodka looked mediocre. Not bad, not good, just meh.

But how about the quality of the vodka itself?

Well, it wasn’t very gentle. I was expecting Imperial Collection vodka to taste very smooth, but it reminded me of a typical mediocre vodka like Smirnoff. The aftertaste wasn’t much better. It was there, and it was okay, but it wasn’t anything special.

are you rich?

Overall I have to say Imperial Collection vodka didn’t really live up to its name. It’s not a bad vodka, but nothing I would associate with royalty. Maybe the Fabergé Egg edition is better? But who can afford it.

I think I need to make some crazy rich friends who can get me the Fabergé Egg edition. Are you crazy rich? You wanna be friends and have some vodka together? You can keep even keep the egg if you want.