Tigroff Ginseng


Tigroff Ginseng vodka

tiger scratch marks

This is a review of Tigroff Ginseng vodka from Russia. I sampled it in Russia in 2010. It’s a clear infusion, 40% alcohol, it’s produced by Alviz, and I thought it could have been better.

I remember riding a bus through Vladivostok one day. There was this big dude sitting next to me, and I asked him: “What’s a good vodka?” He only said one word: “Tigroff.”

The big dude turned out to be very friendly. He told me his name was Nikita, and I told him that that was one of the coolest names ever. It really is. What’s Chris or Christoph compared to Nikita?

another infusion

Anyway, heeding Nikita’s words, I went to the store and got myself a bottle of Tigroff. There were a few differently-designed bottles, and picked the black one without paying much attention to what it said on the label. So I accidentally bought a ginseng-infused vodka. But then why not?

The bottle looked pretty nice (scratch marks and all), and the price was awesome – 10€ for 700ml.

demonstrating Tigroff Ginseng vodka’s style

I figured that, judging from the scratch marks on the bottle, the name Tigroff had something to do with tigers. So I looked up the brand online, and there was an official website. They didn’t offer much in terms of information, but it seemed as though they had improved the bottle design.

Later I found out that Tigroff vodka was in fact produced by Alviz in Arkhangelsk (just like Belenkaya Luxe). The product page said that Tigroff Ginseng vodka was born in the Taiga.

[online search on April 4th 2022]

I liked the look of the new bottle.

the bad part

The thing is, nice bottle design and a good price isn’t everything. Vodka needs to taste good. And this is where Tigroff Ginseng vodka could do with some substantial improvements. The taste was rough, like a tiger uppercut to the jaw.

The aftertaste was surprisingly plain. It was there, and it wasn’t that bad, but I failed to recognize the ginseng in it.

Overall, this wasn’t one of the best vodkas I’d ever had. But when I look at the bottle, it makes me think of Vladivostok. And so it is with warm feelings that I remember Tigroff Ginseng vodka.

Maybe it tastes better from the redesigned bottle?