Issyk Kul


weird notes

[40%, sampled in Kyrgyzstan]

More vodka from the lake. And this time, the brand is even named appropriately – it’s called Issyk Kul. And there’s a little sailing boat on the label.

I’m listening to Glenn Miller, and it’s a delight. But let’s talk about vodka.

lake themes

I got this 500ml bottle for about 7 euros, which puts Issyk Kul fairly close to the top when we’re talking about prices. Oh, and I purchased it on the day when I found the first KFC in Kyrgyzstan. Seems like ages ago now.

The bottle design is nice. The color blue seems to generally go rather well with vodka, I think it’s because vodka is supposed to have a rather neutral taste compared to most other kinds of liquor. I also like the lake theme, it’s clear and clean.

Issyk-kul tastes better on the shores of Issyk-kul

Glenn Miller is singing about a stairway to the stars. That was in the late 1930s, and large parts of the world were about to plunge into hell.

Anyway, we were going to talk about vodka: the first thing you notice upon opening the bottle is that Issyk Kul has a faint scent. Slightly sweetish, and if you close your eyes and wish really hard, you can try to convince yourself that it’s the smell of the lake itself. The taste is sweet as well. It doesn’t fight or bite on its way down, no, this vodka is smooth.

the weirdness

I’m looking through my notes here, and they are rather confusing. Here’s what I have for the category of aftertaste: “nice aroma makes me drunk comfortable tell the tourists they have to find the penis cloud and drink issyk kul vodka aftertaste 8/10.”


Not quite sure what to make of that last bit, but Issyk Kul is a good vodka.