Three Sixty


Three Sixty vodka

a club-vodka

This is a review of Three Sixty vodka from Germany. I sampled it in Germany in 2012. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought its taste was better than the aftertaste.

The name Three Sixty vodka reminded me of the excellent 360 vodka. But for some reason, I was pessimistic about this one. I was suspicious. It seemed as though Three Sixty vodka was a club-vodka, something that drunk people ordered when they were already wasted. And since when did wasted people care about taste?

energy drinks are ew

It’s 2021 now, and Three Sixty vodka has grown into one of the biggest brands on the German market. It’s owned by Schwarze und Schlichte, and yes, it seems to be a club-vodka. Their website talks about how Three Sixty vodka is made from GERMAN WHEAT and how it’s DIAMOND FILTRATED:

Three Sixty vodka website
from on October 10th 2021

There’s a product page with a little bit of info, but it looks generic, and more than half of it is dedicated to the design of the bottle:

Three Sixty vodka page
from on October 10th 2021

Then there’s the brand video, which features two people meeting over a drink in what looks like an empty underground techno club:

Three Sixty vodka brand video
from on October 10th 2021

As of October 2021, Three Sixty vodka is running a marketing campaign featuring a custom EDM track by a French DJ:

Three Sixty DJ
from on October 10th 2021

But the thing that screams club-vodka more than anything else is the fact that Three Sixty vodka has apparently created their own energy drink:

Three Sixty energy drink
from on October 10th 2021

Now this isn’t even a vodka-bull type of mix. It’s a pure energy drink made by Three Sixty. To be sure, they offer canned mixed drinks as well:

Three Sixty drinks
from on October 10th 2021

A club-vodka if there ever was one.

the smoothness

But sometimes you have to put your biases aside for a while. I shelved out 14€ for a 700ml bottle, took it home, poured a glass, and felt surprised: Three Sixty vodka possessed more smoothness than I had been anticipating. It had a cool and pleasing taste.

The sad part was that the aftertaste was virtually non-existent. It wasn’t bad or anything. It was just not there. As if the vodka had disappeared.

About the bottle design: I didn’t like it. I get that it’s supposed to allude to the diamond filtration process, but it looks more like glass bricks to me. And what’s with the random pirate theme anyway?

What Three Sixty vodka is good for

Usually, when I’m making a mixed drink, I want the aroma of the alcohol to shine through. Mixing Żubrówka Bison Grass with apple juice is a good example: the initial taste of the drink is dominated by the juice, but in the aftertaste the bison grass note really comes through.

Three Sixty vodka has a very different set of qualities, though. The taste is smooth, but there is almost no aroma. So I guess this vodka is particularly good in drinks where you don’t want to have the taste of alcohol at all.

To put it plain, Three Sixty vodka is a good vodka to get someone drunk without them realizing it.

A perfect club-vodka.