Vysota Luxe


Vysota Luxe vodka

not really deluxe

This is a review of Vysota Luxe vodka from Russia. I sampled it in Germany in 2011. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought it was decent, nothing more.

Back to Germany, back to the Russians. This one is called Vysota Luxe vodka (Высота Люкс). The first words means “height”, and the second one obviously means “deluxe”.

is Vysota Luxe vodka still around?

It’s 2021, and I just tried to look up Vysota Luxe vodka online. But I found nothing. There was a review site called vodka-lab.ru that said the official site of Vysota Luxe vodka was supposed to be at vodka-vysota.ru. Alas! it turned out to be a dead link:

Vysota Luxe vodka site down

It’s actually quite rare that there is absolutely nothing, not even a social media channel or a YouTube video about a vodka brand. So I wonder what happened to Vysota Luxe.

back to 2011

I bought this one at the little Russian store around the corner from my apartment in Munich. This time I just pointed at the bottle on the shelf and said “that one”. I knew that there was no use asking the owners if it was any good – they wouldn’t know. They only liked cognac.

So I carried my bottle of Vysota Luxe vodka home and opened it with a few friends. I didn’t know what to expect. The DELUXE in the name could mean that it was very good. Or very bad.

Vysota Luxe is decent

In the end it was more or less mediocre. Vysota Luxe vodka has a smooth feel, that’s about all I can say about it. There was no significant aroma in the aftertaste. I guess that’s still good enough to call it a decent vodka. Decent, not great.

The bottle looked okay to me, and the pricing of about 10€ for 700ml was awesome.

about the name

I guess I wouldn’t have called this brand Vysota Luxe. The part about “height” is fine, but the word “deluxe” is just wrong. This is not a deluxe or premium vodka. It’s decent. And it does well in a mixed drink.

Isn’t that enough?