Znaps Smooth


Smooth vodka

better live up to the name

This is a review of Znaps Smooth vodka from Sweden. I sampled it in Germany in 2012. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and it was pretty smooth indeed.

After Svedka, Absolut, and Camitz Sparkling, this is one more vodka from Sweden. Many good things come from Sweden: Dark Tranquillity, Bloodbath, In Flames, The Crown, Dr. Alban.

the ugly website

I was going to say that the Znaps website was retro. But it isn’t just retro. It’s ugly. The type of flying-limes-that-say-GET-ME-OUT-OF-HERE ugly. But see for yourself:

Znaps Smooth vodka website
from znaps.com on October 10th 2021

The lime in question:

Znaps lime
from znaps.com on October 10th 2021

I mean, sure. The whole website has an abandoned feel to it.

There’s a bit of company lore as well, but it has a boiler plate feel to it:

Znaps company lore
from znaps.com on October 10th 2021

Lots of text. And again that stupid lime, floating around in the background. I learned that Znaps doesn’t just make vodka. And also, their brand image seems to be centered around professional bartenders.

Not sure if all of this is going so well, because not only is the website stuck somewhere in 2009, but the whole brand seems to be up for grabs:

Znaps brand for sale
from znaps.com on October 10th 2021

If you want to own a liquor brand, now might be the time.

There’s a dedicated page for Znaps Smooth vodka, but it doesn’t contain much information:

Znaps Smooth vodka page
from znaps.com on October 10th 2021

SHOULD BE DRUNK NEAT is a pretty confident statement, though.


I forgot to mention one detail: just like 360, Tarpan, or Rutte, Znaps Smooth vodka markets itself as an organic spirit. Nobody ever really explains why, though. What exactly is it that makes this vodka brand organic? I would like to know.

Znaps Smooth vodka is smooth indeed

As to our review, I have to say that I was a bit surprised. Znaps Smooth vodka turned out live up to its name – it was smooth. It went down easily, there was no struggle and no fight, just good, quality vodka. The aftertaste was pretty neat as well. I could have sworn there was a hint of ginger in it.

I liked the bottle design, but I didn’t like the cork cap. It’s just not practical. Not for transport. Not for storing. The price was okay: this bottle cost me about 17€ for 700ml.

All in all, Znaps Smooth vodka is good enough to be consumed neat and at room temperature. It’s not the best in the world, but it’s good.

And it doesn’t deserve to be abandoned like this.