Camitz Sparkling


Camitz Sparkling vodka


This is a review of Camitz Sparkling vodka from Sweden. I sampled it in Germany in 2012. It’s clear and carbonated, 40% alcohol, and it needs to be consumed a bit too fast for my taste.

My first thought about this vodka was: dafuq? My second thought was: why not.

It was April 2012, and I had finally turned in the manuscripts for my first two books. After months and months of toiling and of self-doubt, it felt like the time had come to live a little. So I figured I should get some champagne. But then I don’t like champagne, I like vodka. And this one was sparkling.

So I figured I should get this one.

has Camitz Sparkling vodka already died?

It’s 2021, and I am trying to find a website for this vodka. There’s a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in eight years:

Camitz Sparkling vodka Facebook page
from on October 10th 2021

It tells me to go to, but the site is down:

Camitz Sparkling vodka website
from on October 10th 2021

It seems as though someone has registered the domain but never bothered to make a website. I really don’t know what happened to the Camitz Sparkling vodka brand. Maybe it died. Maybe it’s in hiding.

the fear

Back in 2012, when I sat down with my friends and took out the bottle, I saw a lot of surprised faces around me. Was this stuff going to be drinkable? Or would it turn out to be an abomination created by some fearless marketing-team? Well, we were about to find out.

more problems with cork

The first thing I noticed was the cork cap. I generally don’t like these things on vodka bottles, but in this case it seemed to make sense. After all, Camitz Sparkling vodka was supposed to resemble a champagne bottle. And so it needed a cork cap.

The problem was that the cork didn’t make that nice popping sound. It kind of just opened. Another problem was that you couldn’t really close it again. And when you leave a vodka open for a while, its alcohol slowly evaporates. And Camitz Sparkling vodka goes stale on top of that.

So even though I thought the bottle looked nice, I just didn’t think it was very practical. It basically forced you to finish it within a few hours.

all good quality-wise

So it’s good I had a bunch of friends around that night. We finished the bottle, and here’s what we thought: Camitz Sparkling vodka had a very mild taste. We figured this was probably at least partly due to the sparkling effect.

The aroma was nice as well. In fact it was nice enough to send one of us into a semi-sedated state. So that was all good.

I’m not sure if the price tag of 32€ for 700ml is justified. But in my case it made for a fun night.

needs friends

Here’s what I learned about Camitz Sparkling vodka: it’s a fun drink. But if you want to give it a try, you better make sure to have a bunch of friends around.