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This is a review of Rutte vodka from the Netherlands. I sampled it in Germany in 2012. It’s greenish, 40% alcohol, and I thought the aftertaste was great.

It says it right on the label: 100% ORGANIC GRAIN. So I guess Rutte vodka from the Netherlands is supposed to be eco-friendly, just like 360 and Tarpan. I got the bottle as a gift from a friend.

This is probably one of the best things about making this site: now my friends always know what to give me for my birthday. Gone are the times of well-intended presents that I didn’t really have any use for. Just give me a bottle of a vodka that I haven’t tried yet, and I will be happy!

where did Rutte vodka go?

So it’s 2021, and I’m going through some of my older reviews, updating them here and there. One thing I do now is I try to screenshot and display some of the information I find online. For example this one: Rutte is a distillery in Dordrecht, a small town in the Netherlands. Their website shows a family business with a tradition dating back some 150 years:

Rutte website
from on October 9th 2021

From what I understand the company isn’t actually run by the family anymore, but they still put a lot of emphasis on being small, independent, and traditional:

Rutte website
from on October 9th 2021

And look! They have this awesome-looking tasting room where you can get tipsy right where they make the stuff:

Rutte website
from on October 9th 2021

Kinda makes me wanna go there. But there’s a problem.

Rutte has a portfolio of different liquors, all of which bear the company name: Rutte Gin, Rutte Genever, Rutte Koornwyn, and so on:

Rutte brands
from on October 9th 2021

But where is Rutte vodka? Where? I sent the distillery a message to inquire, and I’ll let you know when they answer.

the greenish hue

So anyway, let’s get back to our review. When I got this bottle of Rutte vodka, I was happy. First of all I liked getting gifts, I like vodka, and I was happy that this one was organic. When i was pouring it into my glass it I noticed that it had a greenish hue to it. I don’t know why exactly, but I really liked that, too. Maybe because it reminded me of 360 vodka.

But would it taste good as well?

no cork alliance

As it turned out Rutte vodka was very nice to drink. Mild and smooth, almost balmy. And the aftertaste was extremely aromatic. I’m not sure if I was just imagining it, but there seemed to be a hint of chamomile in there. I liked this vodka a lot.

The bottle design seemed nice. I appreciated its smart simplicity, just the cork cap put me off a bit, just like it did with Kedrovitsa. When I looked up the price tag it was a bit of a bummer: 21€ for 700ml.

All in all, if you want something good enough to enjoy straight, then I highly recommend you give Rutte vodka a try. It’s still cheaper then some of the other premium vodka brands out there. And it’s organic, too!


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