Honor vodka

the lone commercial

This is a review of Honor vodka from the US. I sampled it in the US in 2011. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I thought it was okay.

Honor vodka from Kansas. I got this in the same store where I had found Most Wanted before. And I got it in a brown paper bag, too. I loved the bag, because it made me feel as if I was doing something illegal. So that was all good.

the YouTube ad

I wanted to find an official Website for Honor vodka, or at least a social media channel. But there didn’t seem to be anything. The only thing I could come up with was a YouTube ad where a guy in a huge barn makes a woman shower with Honor vodka:


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If the video is not there anymore, here’s the dude talking about the vodka shower that’s about to happen:

Honor vodka YouTube ad

Of course this doesn’t go so well, because the model ends up hurting her eyes:

Honor vodka YouTube ad


Honor vodka YouTube ad

Honor vodka!

I have to admit liked the ad. It didn’t take itself so seriously. It made me wonder why there was no website, though. Maybe Honor vodka had gone bust?

Honor vodka needs work

Review time. I didn’t douse myself in Honor vodka, I sampled it with my friends. Sadly, I had a bit of a hard time with this. The taste was way too hot in the throat, and there was an almost complete lack of aroma in the aftertaste. This is an efficient drink if you want to get wasted with a couple of buddies, but it’s nothing fancy.

The bottle design really didn’t do it for me, either. The price of around 14€ for 700ml was good, though.

Get this if you can’t find anything better. Mix it with Sprite or something. And get it in a brown paper bag.